I didn’t see a topic for this already so here it goes! Very excited for the new inclusion of releases (and I noticed you included franchises as well)! I’m not sure what your plans are for shelves and releases so I just thought I’d throw out that it would be truly awesome to have the option of shelves per release (rather than just picking a release for your review/shelves to be associated with, similar to how Goodreads only lets you pick a single book edition).

The reason I think this could be generally useful is that I think there are lots of people who own copies of games on multiple platforms and would like to be able to keep track of this (Grouvee already lets me mark multiple selected platforms for a game – I suppose you could run some statistics to see how often multiple platforms are used). For me personally I own both Japan and US releases of a lot of games and like to track language options associated with various releases (some US releases have Japanese dubs, some don’t, etc.) so my use of this feature would probably go a lot further than most.

Anyway, shelves per release is certainly more complicated and I understand if you want to opt for the simpler approach of choosing a single release for cover art etc. Just wanted to start a discussion :slight_smile:

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i click on developers all the time to see what they are up to. maybe someday we can just tag everything like lists and get weekly emails when Streum releases something (like deathwing) We can ‘love’ certain tags (not sure how giant bomb works or what it can read) or franchises like ‘Final Fantasy’. or publishers like ‘Bethesda’ or developers like ‘Streum’

FF is a good example. If it comes out on a new platfrom? some want to know.
if it comes out with a new game everyone definitely wants to know.

OCD/complettionist types might indeed be able to work with a system too, you can have shelves by franchise (again FF is a good example!) or platform. Giant bomb even seems to know how many things are released on a platform. Could grouvee tell me things like ‘acccording to giant bomb, you’ve played 34 out of the 51 known realses of FF franchise. here’s what you’re missing’ lol