Regions for game releases

For different releases on Grouvee there are basically 3 different types of release categories:

  • Different editions (definitive edition, remake, original, …)
  • Platforms (PC, PS, XBox, Switch, …)
  • Region (US, Europe, Japan, …)

When it comes to the latter, fewer and fewer games have region differences (at least as far as I know), and I was wondering if it would make sense to label the region “World” instead of “United States” as the default. At least when I want to add a specific release to a shelf as an EU citizen I always find it a bit odd to add the US release when it is the only one there. I assume US is the default (probably because Giant Bomb is US?), but it always makes me wonder whether an EU version exists and it just hasn’t been added, or if there really are no regional differences. It obviously makes sense to distinguish by region when there are actual differences, but it would be nice if the default was something more inclusive, unless there is something obvious I have overlooked.


Agreed. Very few are even labelled North America, with most labelled US. I agree that the vast majority of games now could be labeled World, but they come through to us as US, and changing them manually would be daunting. I different fix or solution might even be something @Peter is already be considering for any potential database restructuring in the future. At the very least he will see this and be aware of the desire.


Are regional differences really that much of a thing now? At any rate, if they are going to be listed I would appreciate the option of choosing the correct region for my country rather than having to us US.