Recommending Games You Don't Own

Hi, I’m new here but I was looking for a website that could track your games and let you rate them etc. (Just like this site, that’s why I’m here) but none of them seem to actually recommend games you don’t already own. Like Grouvee, is just recommends what you already own and I’m looking for games that I don’t, therefore I can go out and buy them. I just think it would be a nice implementation!

If anyone has seen a site that does exactly that, please mention it! Cheers.

i guess it can be done by just adding a few friends and seeing their activities and recommendations.

This is a solid, desirable feature, but Peter works on this site alone, I believe. And it draws form the Giant Bomb API, and I’m not sure there’s an easy way to so it.

Trust me, if it was easy he would have done it years ago. It’s definitely a great feature.

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