Recommended Video Games?

Hey all!

I have an Xbox and PS4 and was wondering if anyone could offer any video game suggestions. I play a lot of AAA titles because I seem to have the most fun with those. However, they don’t seem to come out quickly enough to keep me entertained…that or my wallet cannot handle all of them. I have found myself browsing Xbox Game Pass several times this week and cannot find many that look appealing.

Anyways, if anyone has anything they think I should try, I would greatly appreciate it and I will add them to my list!

Also if anyone wants to add me on either platform just let me know and I will share my gamer tags!

Are you into certain genres or do you like playing pretty much anything?

I play a lot of AAA games but am open to any suggestions!

The AAA games have different genres. That’s why I asked. Here are some games that you could enjoy:

1. The Walking Dead Series:

The Walking Dead: Season One
The Walking Dead: Season Two
The Walking Dead: A New Frontier
The Walking Dead: The Final Season

If you enjoy them, you should try the Season One DLC called 400 Days which impacts The Final Season & there is also a standalone called The Walking Dead: Michonne (this one is not connected with any of the seasons)

2. The Wolf Among Us:

3. Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance

4. Splinter Cell: Conviction

5. Sleeping Dogs

I could add a lot more but I don’t want to make a huge post and confuse you or something like that. I personally enjoyed playing all those games.

Awesome! I really enjoyed all The Walking Dead Telltale games, all Telltale games actually. Wolf Among Us was so interesting I was actually considering buying the comics for it!

Some games on Game Pass I’d recommend:
Metro 2033 - A somewhat supernatural post-apocalyptic first person shooter.

Void Bastards - A darkly humorous survival shooter in space. It’s sort of a rogue-like but dying doesn’t ever make you feel like you’re starting from scratch.

Ori and the Blind Forest - A beautiful metroidvania.

Dead Cells - One of the best games I played this year. A rogue-like with very satisfying and customization combat, great pixel art and varying paths to take through the world.

Outer Wilds - The best? game I played this year. It’s about exploring a solar system in real-time while racing against the clock. There’s so much to discover, and great stories to uncover. You progress by solving environmental and traversal puzzles by learning how each unique planet works.

I’m not sure what kind of games you like so I’ll leave it there. But there are lots of great games on Game Pass.


Thank you!! So sorry for the mega late reply. I just finished up my last semester of my bachelor’s degree. So, needless to say, I was super busy. I’m back for now though :slight_smile:

Marvel’s Spider-Man PS4

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Jedi Fallen Order is another great game!
Cheaper now too since it’s been awhile since it came out.