Recommended PSVR games

I got a PlayStation VR headset for Christmas (very generous husband!) and I’m looking for game recommendations. I haven’t played much VR but I like rpgs and action adventure games normally. I am worried that horror on VR will be too scary (I’m a wuss) but I am happy to try any other genre. Any ideas would be helpful. Thanks


I’m personally partial to a good puzzle game on PSVR. Statik, I expect you to Die, and Tetris Effect are all really good. Some others that I’ve enjoyed were Superhot VR and REZ Infinte.

I’ve heard that Beatsaber and Moss are both good but I havn’t played either of them so I can’t speak to them directly.

Hope this helps.


I don’t have a PSVR but I’ve heard that Astro Bot: Rescue Mission is supposed to be a great PSVR title. Superhot VR is also supposed to be good, more a puzzle game than a shooter if that’s interesting at all.

I second Astro Bot, it’s a must unless you REALLY REALLY hate platformers and cute characters.
And if you like that, Moss is a bit more puzzley and a little less platforming.
Both Superhot and Beat Saber are always in the “must play” VR lists. If you ever had a bit of fun with a rythm game, do try Beat Saber.
If you want a social game, and maybe are a Trekkie, Star Trek Bridge Crew is a very fun game, and it has people playing because it’s cross platform with everything (and you can play outside vr too, if i recall correctly). Basically you assume a role in the ship and go into missions.
Also, if interaction does not scare you, try Rec Room, it’s free and it has a lot of nice small activities like roguelike adventures, paintball, bowling and so on (you can also do those in private rooms).

Going the other side, games i’d advise you to avoid:
Resident Evil 7. Not only because it’s horror, but i think the VR version is overrated and is one of the most nausea inducing games you can find.
Most multiplayer games that are not Firewall or Star Trek, since the VR community is small and most of the games are not played anymore.
Also, Rigs. Stay away from Rigs, it’s the Satan of VR games. If they gift Rigs to you, do not even open or touch it directly. Burn it at midnight in a circle made of salt and cumin, possibly with a couple virgins to sacrifice (sex doesn’t matter) as a failsafe.
K, i’m joking. Possibly. Maybe. But no, really, do not take the chance.

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For me, I loved:

-Tetris Effect
-Rez Infinite
-Astro Bot
-Superhot VR
-Ghost Giant
-Beat Saber
-Floor Plan (short game but pretty damn cool if you can get it for cheap)

Still need to get through a bunch of my VR backlog but that’s what’s made me love my purchase of PSVR so far.

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Thanks, I have got I expect you to die and it’s great fun
I am going to give Astro Bot a try - I like both platformers and cute characters. I have no idea how platforming works in VR though, also you have made me really, really curious to try Rigs…
Thanks, that’s a great list

I have also picked up Skyrim VR and I am looking forward to trying it out.

My wife and I are considering picking one up. I read it will be compatible for the ps5 when that launches so waiting for a good sale.