Recommendations - Tower Defense games

Here you can recommend Tower Defense games. Please follow the given template (as best you can) and i will add it to the list below.

Template (select and click reply to copy).

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  • Genre:
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  • Played: When did you last play it?
  • Genre: Is this a pure TD game or does it have elements from other games?
  • Description: A short description.
  • Review: Either post a link or write a short review.
  • Platform: Simply copy this from the Grouvee page.
  • Website: Link to the main website, preferably the download page.


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  • Played: 2016
  • Genre: TD-RPG hybrid (towers are NPCs that get equipment and skills)
  • Description: DQ1 is a ~6 hour game in which you play through a story and build a party.
  • Review: DQ1 is my favourite TD game of all time. The story and characters are actually interesting, there are lots of difficulty options, it has cool achievements and the skills and items add variation.
  • Platform: Linux, Mac, PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Network (Vita), Xbox One
  • Website: Defenders Quest (demo page)
  • Played: 2017
  • Genre: TD with mazing and spells.
  • Description: You play dozens of levels, many of them optional to gather skills, XP and gems to defeat the Forgotten.
  • Review: This is by far my most-played TD. It’s really fun to build elaborate mazes and deal with various “special” enemies.
  • Platform: Browser, Mac, PC
  • Website: GemCraft - Chasing Shadows on Steam
  • Played: 2019
  • Genre: TD with mazing and a player-controlled space laser.
  • Description: DG has dozens of levels with dozens of modes.
  • Review: DG is a classic TD game that is fairly relaxing to play - you can even revert back to previous waves. The various modes and their special rules (like limited towers or upgrades) add a nice twist.
  • Platform: PC, Xbox 360 Games Store
  • Website: Defense Grid: The Awakening - Hidden Path Entertainment