Recommendations - Free-to-play games

There are tons of freely available games but not many of them are good. If you think a free-to-play game is worth people’s time, post it here following the given template and i will add it to the list below.

Template (select and click reply to copy).

{Grouvee link}

  • Played:
  • Genre:
  • Description:
  • Review:
  • Platform:
  • Website:

  • Played: When did you last play it?
  • Genre: Feel free to be specific.
  • Description: A short description.
  • Review: Either post a link or write a short review.
  • Platform: Simply copy this from the Grouvee page.
  • Website: Link to the main website, preferably the download page.


  • Played: March 2021
  • Genre: Collectible card game
  • Description: A CCG in which both players act on each turn but only one can attack.
  • Review: LoR is a fun and clever game with tons of interactions and one of the best F2P models.
  • Platform: Android, iPhone, Mac, PC
  • Website: Legends of Runeterra

I haven’t finished this one yet, but I feel like recommending it already:

  • Played: February-March 2021
  • Genre: Otome (Visual Novel)
  • Description: The story of a cold-hearted princess who must complete three good deeds to break a curse and regain her crown.
  • Review: The storytelling in this game is very good. Despite not being in the target audience, I was able to identify with the main character immediately. There are five routes, one per date-able character, and each route uncovers more about the central conflict while exploring the motivations of its character.
  • Platform: PC (Windows, MacOS, Linux)
  • Website: Official website, Steam page
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  • Played: 2020
  • Genre: Action, Fighting
  • Description: A 2D sci-fi fighting game released by Epic MegaGames, pitting giant robots against one another in futuristic 2097. It was late re-released as a freeware title.
  • Review: Interesting ideas and fun to play
  • Platform: PC
  • Website: One Must Fall: 2097
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