Queer focused game database/resource

For those interested, I cam across a database called Queerly Represent Me. They describe the site as a database for games that represent sexuality, gender, and relationships. This may be of interest to anyone that is looking for games that may deal with Queer or LGBTQ concepts, stories, etc. I don’t know how comprehensive it is, but it seems like it is off to a decent start. The database is split into sexuality, gender and relationships, with some games falling into one, two or all three categories. I also think that many of the games have representations not limited to Queer stories and characters, so it is a database that covers a wide range of representation within the three themes. There are also brief write ups on the games that discuss various opinions and perspective on the games, that can be useful for anyone wanting to engage with some of these games in a critical dimension, or useful for anyone conducting general research on games in the database. At the very least it seems like a worthwhile database for anyone interested in exploring games with Queer concepts and the discourse (albeit limited in length) surrounding those games.

The site has two forms of presentation, one visual and one in spreadsheet form. You can visit each directly below:

Visual database

Spreadsheet Database


This is awesome! Looks like my wishlist is gonna get a lot longer soon. :smiley:

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Very cool! Talked about a game on the podcast this week that would fit in their database, but didn’t go into details because it would have been a huge spoiler for the whole plot. Still not gonna say which one it is, just to avoid spoiling it! Was a very good game though, I recommend it. Without saying what it is. Hahaha. Spoilers!

I did check however, it’s in their database.

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Heather Alexandra has an excellent write up on the game you mention. She digs into both some its problems and the devs intentions. Worth reading, especially if you want to engage with the ideas of the game post play through.

Cool database! I’ll check it out.

Thanks for sharing this! I know several of my friends who would also appreciate this.
I’m blown away at how thorough this database is. :grin: