Quantic Foundry and Game Research

Has anyone heard of the The Quantic Lab, and completed your game profile? It is a fascinating website, one employed in the service of social science and psych research. From the description in the site:

The Quantic Lab is a gamer survey project run by long-time game researchers Nick Yee & Nic Ducheneaut. We combine social science and data science to understand the psychology of gaming. Take the Gamer Motivation Profile or the Board Game Motivation Profile to get a customized report of your gaming motivations.

The Quantic Lab is a subset of Quantic Foundry:

Quantic Foundry is a game analytics consulting practice. We combine social science with data science to understand what drives gamers and how to make game experiences more engaging.

I filled out both my video game and board game profiles and it provides information on the types of games I find most appealing, as well as providing information useful for identifying similar games I may enjoy. It is definitely worth checking out, if you haven’t already.


Thanks, it was an interesting test. However, I find taking tests like this always a bit strange. It is as if the test is destined to give me the result I expect. I just can’t help myself analysing what answering question X will mean for score Y, and thus I end up unconsciously backwards engineering the test to give me the result I want. I try my best to answer questions honestly, but I just can’t shake the feeling that my answers are somewhat influenced by the fact that I am taking a test checking my gamer “type” :sweat_smile:

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Agreed. One of the major hurdles when it comes to good survey based research is response bias. I imagine that The Quantic Lab has methodologies in place to account for variations in response due to bias. Our answers will always be affected to some degree by the expectations we have about the survey outcomes. That said, I do think that bias is important in reflecting back taste and opinion. Your imagined result likely factors into your game tastes and is useful in assessing your end results, even if it feels like you are “gaming” the system to a degree. Regardless, I find this tool interesting and it was fun to complete. I also found that the recommendations at the end closely matched some of my recent game favourites, so it’s can’t be too far off :wink:

This was cool, my results seemed to come out pretty right - Gamer Motivation Profile Creativity and Immersion!

Unfortunately their recommendations didn’t highlight any games I hadn’t already heard of/played.

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I had the same result, no recommendations that I hadn’t already played or heard of. But it was nice to see how close it matched my interests. @Jess, did you try adjusting the Niche vs. Popular Games slider? I found it interesting which games were classified under both lists versus those that appeared on only one recommendation list.

I forgot to link to my profile. There is also a banner you can link in a post (see below).

I should also point out that you can match your profile with that of another person and The Quantic Lab will recommend games that you will enjoy playing together. I like that idea a lot.

Yeah, I slid it over to niche hoping for something I hadn’t heard of, but unfortunately even their ‘niche’ stuff was just the super popular indies really. Maybe some of the games I wrote down at the beginning of the quiz will pop up there now. :laughing:

I wonder if you’re ever allowed to retake the quiz. It would have been interesting to have taken this back in my World of Warcraft days when all I did was PVP battlegrounds all day long. Talk about a complete 180 from what my results are today. Back then it was ‘PWN ALL THE N00BS’, ‘RANK NUMBER ONE’.

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You could create a second account and attempt to answer the survey from that perspective, to the best of your ability, I suppose.

Lol. I was always a healer. Back in my WoW days, and now when I play MMOs. I suspect my results wouldn’t change much as a result.

I got a somewhat strange profile: Gamer Motivation Profile

It is not like I don’t like immersion whatsover, e.g. I played Abzu yesterday and absolutely fell in love with that game, but it is in no way something I actively seek in games. For me gameplay is king, and everything that is gameplay unrelated is an added bonus. If ever i.e. story and characters limit gameplay, I will immediately lament them for it.

I also played healer in MMO’s back in the days, but my motivation was that it was the hardest thing to do, not that I wanted to keep people alive :laughing:

I have definitely done a 180 from my earlier days. I remember 8 years ago when having a game with a well crafted story and an immersive world was what mattered most to me, but at some point I fell in love with Super Meat Boy, Dustforce, I wanna be the guy and the souls series, and I haven’t looked back since.

Lol, it definitely can be, especially with poorly coordinated groups. I enjoy healing because of the combination of helping people and the challenge. My main in WoW was a Disc/Holy priest, and a lot of what I did involved saving people from themselves (and fire, lots of fire).

Reviving this thread thanks to a post on the main site by @adverb.

I redid the survey today and got a new result. But I realized after the fact that the new result completely replaced the old one. So I though to post the results here so that I can find them again in future.

BMO’s 2017 Gamer Motivation Profile:

BMO’s 2021 Gamer Motivation Profile: