Pro feature request: Default "games per page"

Larger queries cost money, so I think it’d be fair for this to be a “pro” feature. But I notice my backlog and wish list are usually between 25 and 50 entries, so I wish I could go into settings and just make 50 the default.

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I went ahead and just changed it to 50. Although, it should remember what number you’ve last selected in that dropdown. Either way, if you clear the ?num=25 out of the URL for a shelf page, it’ll default to 50. It should “store” that setting going forward.

Let me know if I messed it up!

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Thanks, Peter!

I’m not sure why shelf pages weren’t remembering what I last selected. Could it have anything to do with me accessing the site from my phone, gaming PC and work machine? :thinking:

Yeah, that’s one’s a little strange to me. Here’s the way it should work. Whatever the last shelf URL you look at, it gets stored in my cache storage. The only part of the URL that doesn’t get stored is the ?page variable. Once that’s stored, the My Games link at the top of every page is now that stored URL, which should include the ?num variable that is the number of games per page. That should be consistent across devices. When you go to the My Games page, all of the shelves on the left side of the page should use that same ?num variable.

So after the long winded explanation on my part, if it doesn’t seem like it’s working, just let me know! It’ll default to 50 going forward if there’s no ?num specified now though. I also added a 200 option for fun. It seems like it runs fast enough.

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