Podcast Listener Question

@Jess and @spigelwii have a question for the listeners of the podcast this week. You can either send in your answer to podcast@grouvee.com, or just type it up here. I think it’s a pretty interesting topic to hear about in general.

How do you organize your game collection? Tell us about how you organize your physical or digital collections. Do you have them alphabetized on shelves? Do you have them sorted by genre? Do you have 642 shelves on Grouvee that help you keep track?

My collection isn’t very large so I just put like with like. I will place one of my favourites in a highlight spot with cover facing outwards when the idea strikes me.
Also I have a ‘currently playing’ spot that I will use to place the case of the game I am currently engaged in, usually beside the console. This is a hark back to when I’d go to my local games shop and they would have the case displayed of the game currently in the demo stand :smile: