Playstation collectors

Any playstation collectors on here? I love collecting any and all playstation games and systems. Just curious if there are any others out there.

I’ve only recently started collecting older systems. I picked up a Dreamcast and a couple of games fairly recently. I never owned a Playstation One, and have been kind of looking at getting one just to have. I think I already have at least one iteration of all their other systems. I’ve got a slim PS2 and a fat one, a couple fat PS3s, a PS4, a Vita and a PSP. The Vita is by far my favorite system they’ve made.

There are other systems other than Playstations? Trying to be funny aside, I’d certainly call myself one. Constantly on the look out for bundles or rare Playstation items on eBay. I’m also hopefully going to visit 30 charity shops next weekend and pick up any Playstation games.

I own all of their systems except the PSP(which i’ve owned 3), and have a decent sized collection for each system. Own about 50 games each for PS1 and PS2, then have about 100 for PS3(combined total of physical and digital). PS4 is in flux as I tend to get rid of newer games once i’m done as I usually get back all my money or even make profit because I always buy games as cheaply as possibly unless I have to have it day one. Then i’ll buy them again later on at rock bottom prices.

I was collecting Nintendo for awhile but recently sold it all off as I never touched the systems. Had over 60 N64 games and 40 Snes games. Got a pretty good amount from that sale.

I want to be a collector so badly, but realistically I just can’t justify spending the money required for a system’s full library. I have thought, though, about trying to collect a subset of games for a system. I would love to have all of the Playstation RPGs for example. That would still be expensive, but would be a lot more manageable than trying to get them all.

I have also been a little tempted to try to collect for the Vita. While the Playstation 2 might be my favorite system of all time, I have the softest spot in my heart for the Vita. Something about that system makes me all warm and fuzzy.

So far I have 130 ish Playstation games across the PS1, PS2, PS3, and the PSP. It began as me wanting all the games I had as a kid. Now I just want a huge collection of them. My goal is to get all the games ever made. I have an NES, Sega Genesis, a DS, and an Atari 2600. I’m thinking about getting rid of the NES and 2600 because A.) I never grew up with it so there’s no nostalgia factor. The games on the Genesis are fairly cheap to collect so I’m probably going to keep that one. I’ve always wanted to find a PSX somewhere. And I’m going to try and get each model of each playstation system.

I haven’t tried the Vita yet but I love the concept. PSP Go was a joke even though I still want to have one for my collection because Sony haha

This probably isn’t the best spot for this, but I’ve got some old PS1 and PS2 games laying around that I’d be happy to sell to some fellow Grouveers.

What games do you have?

Vita is an amazing system, and I am truly sad about the wasted potential. It definitely isn’t dead, as it is getting a constant stream of great indie games, but It really was left for dead by AAA publishers and Sony who hasn’t dropped a big name game for it in awhile. I bought it at the beginning and it was worth every penny.