Playnite Links

Obvs Grouvee is my website of choice for tracking and if anyone else uses Playnite I asked the Dev of Link utils to include Grouvee in the options [Enhancement] Add support for Grouvee · Issue #73 · HerrKnarz/Playnite-Extensions · GitHub

So once the update releases any using playnite should be able to using link utilities to add grouvee links to game (makes it far easier to keep tracking up to date)


That’s pretty cool! How does that work? Do they have some way they’re automatically linking to Grouvee, or is it a manual think?


I was wondering this too.

Looks like it has integration as well, which is good for Grouvee :wink:

I think I’m going to check this out.


So you can “add” which will add grouvee links (or any other option) if there is only one result - for those that don’t find a link you can “search” and it will give a list of options that are close.

Really quite helpful and the dev did it within like a day which is quite wild.

Normally I used gog but got annoyed with it and updating games on grouvee and it was always annoying so now I can just click a link which will be awesome.