Played Vs. Completed?

Does the “Played” tag mean the game has been beaten or just played?

I have a custom tag for “Completed” games but was curious if that was unnecessary.

If not, I think it would make sense to have a built in “Completed” or “Beaten” tag.

I think played can really mean either, or whatever you feel it means. However Grouvee allows you identify level of completion. When inputting play dates (start date and end date) you can select from a drop down the following levels of completion: main story, main story + extras or 100% complete. Perhaps that helps.

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For me, “played” just means “I’m done with it” or “completed.”

For example, if I play a game but it’s awful (like the recent Thief) and I don’t complete it, I ticked played because I’ll never touch it again. And then completed games go there also. Games that I own (but haven’t played yet) or partially-completed games (that I’m coming back to) go in the backlog.

I also have a “to-play-next” list of games that I’m planning on playing in the near future, often half-completed games end up in there.


This is exactly what I do. I tend to think of Played games as games I’m done with in some capacity.


Same here. Backlog for games to play, playing for games I’m playing :wink: and played for completed or played enough to know I’m done with it.

I guess I’m more complicated:

Played: I have tried the game in some capacity. I may or may not go back to the game but at least I know I have tried it.

WontFinish: Games I have played that I know I won’t be finishing because they’re that bad or uninteresting.

Finished: Games I have played to completion of some sort (e.g. finished story mode on easy) and will probably not be playing any longer.

Completed: Games I have played to the point where there is nothing left to do. E.g. completed story mode on all difficulties, gotten all the achievements/unlockables, etc. These are games I will probably never play again

It is possible to represent what you are speaking of (to a degree). Take a look at this screen capture:

As you can see in that image, I have played both games (represented by the check mark). You can also see which game I finished (Grow Home, you can see that it lists a completion date in the following format, F: Apr 14, 2016). As you can see there is no finish or completion date listed for Murasaki Baby, because I picked it up briefly and then moved on, possibly to return later.

You can also drill down to see additional details. Take a look at the following screen:

That image represents the info that can be seen by clicking on the completion date for Grow Home (F: Apr 14, 2016). It shows which day I started, on which I finished, and to what degree I am complete. The options at the bottom under level of completion are Main Story, Main Story + Extras and 100% Complete. Grouvee does allow for quite a great deal of granularity when it comes to identifying the status of a game within your library. Hopefully some of this helps.

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This pretty much sums up my perception of this issue. Although, I usually regard what you refer to as “WontFinish” as “Shelved”, but I guess that’s just semantics.

However, I do think the Collection feature of this site could benefit from a separate sub-category for game’s one have tried, but have no intention of playing to completion for one reason or another.

There is the ability to create custom shelves. One can create a shelve and name it Won’t Finish or Shelved. Does that present a reasonable solution?

just like amuro98, for me played means I played the game seriously for a bit of time but havent completed it, regardless of the fact that I will or never play it again.

Sure, that works too.