Unlike Grouvee, Keep Track of My Games features as many as four sub-lists of PLAYED: BEATEN, ABANDONED, COMPLETED, MASTERED.

From my point of view, sub-lists of PLAYED only slow down the battle against the BACKLOG. Anything beyond BEATEN is the realm of grinding.

Does anybody actually like to grind and differentiate PLAYED status in great detail?

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I personally don’t, which is kind of why Grouvee is the way that it is. I know some people do, and they have the freedom to make those shelves if they want. I agree that Played is Enough for me!


I put any game I play into Played, but I also have separate shelves for Owned, Story Completed, and 100% Completed. This mainly comes down to me being a big stats guy; I like comparing the numbers of each shelf and watching them grow

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to some extent its nice to somehow mark some things that I have put considerably more time in (such as an elder scrolls game Diablo 3, MMORPG, etc) I like the way gamefaqs does this integrally its really just a 5 point sliding scale of how much you’ve played any game: “tried it, played it, halfway, beaten it, conquered it.” its a bit ambigous and open to interpretation i suppose, but i see the utility, and its fairly quick and painless to mark stuff that way. I dont see myself making shelves for my Retroachievements, PSN trophies or speedruns. I might mark games with little icons or hex code colored titles though if the site supported it and it was quick and painles and i wanted something to stand out.


Similar to 0-5 star rating we could have small 0-5 clock icons in “played” shelf.
(As explained by GigaDeathNullGolem above: “tried it, played it, halfway, beaten it, conquered it.”)
Having an easy way to sort games by time invested would be nice, but not critical.

I’ve been busy reorganizing my shelves and am mirroing them with Launchbox. It looks like this now.

[Mastered.] I lied. I made it. Got a whole four so far for my retroachievements. :slight_smile:

i’ll spare long rant but found myself annoyed with abanoned and skipped stuff for old games…Different reasons I soon saw in LB made me do the resorting. its much better this way.

Not sure how i will delgate favorites and heavily played. a way to use sortable html Colortags on played shelf would be really good for grouvee though. If I buy LB i think i can do something like that in it. (I have free version) I would just do a blue colortag for ‘played a lot’ and a gold one for ‘muh favorites’ rather than make seperate shelves or make a whole 5 scale meter system of color :stuck_out_tongue:

the 0-5 o clock idea is great for could use the logo for it and swipe it in a smooth motion, and send each little beast on its merry way lol. :slight_smile:

:joy: It sounds like a full time job to do your thing.

lol it kind of sucked.

mostly it was old games that needed to be ‘skipped’ in my LB that had various ports and such (was never an issue in grouve).here’s an example so you might understand:

Final Fantasy, Mega Man and Mortal Kombat are also good examples of large franchises/series and irrelevant ports. FF I I found especially confusing to track what was what in it.

I needed a better system and pretty sure delegated ‘played’ into subtypes of completed, abandoned was worthwhile endeavor. The next step is to do something like this at some point:

You can technically mark a game as follows when recording a play through:

  • Main Story
  • Main Story + Extras
  • 100% Completed

I know it’s not the same granularity as listed in this thread, but that information can be recorded for each game. Sorting by it is another story.

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