Permissions to remove duplicate entries

How do I apply for permissions to remove duplicate game entries?

I see a lot of duplicate reports in

That have been there for a long time (including my report from November) but the duplicate entries still exist.

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@peter can grant it, but we merge rather than delete. The backlog is due to the fact that we are all just behind in the list of things we need to do for database upkeep.


I see, when you merge does it mean that if there were users who had added the duplicate to their collection, the duplicate in their collection will become the merged entry in instead of just removing the game from their collection?

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Yes, this is correct. All reviews, shelf entries, dates, statuses, etc. get moved over to the other game if someone was using the duplicate entry. I can send you a DM about all this.

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thanks! how do you guys mark a duplicate report as “done” or taken care of? by giving it a like?

Yeah, I just like the post when I do it.

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