Pc controllers

I know most people will tell me that the best controller for pc is the Xbox 360 model, but is there anything you would recommend that has a solid dpad? In my experience all controllers that I have used do not make the cut. I’m looking for a controller that gives me more of that nostalgic classic gaming feel. I would also prefer it to be wired.

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In a past life I would have said Xbox 360 because of the easy of Windows compatibility, but things have improved since then. I’d say any of the following:

  1. Xbox Series X|S controller: my favourite Xbox controller to date. In general the build quality and physical design is excellent. I find it the most comfortable of the Xbox controllers. It also has what I think it the best d-pad on an Xbox controller. Although I don’t love that it is loud and clicky, I find it reliable for accurate input. It works flawlessly with both Windows 10 and Mac OS and can be used wired.

  2. Sony DualShock 4: probably hands down my favourite controller. I haven’t found something that can beat it all around in comfort, build quality and features. It also has my favourite d-pad (second only to the PS Vita d-pad, but that’s sadly not a d-pad available to us on a contemporary controller). MacOS compatibility is simple and flawless. Windows 10 full compatibility is available, but requires installing third party software so isn’t quite and plug-n-play as the Xbox controller. Can be used wired.

  3. 8bitdo Pro 2: the most versatile controller of my recommendations, the Pro 2 can be completely customized with buttons that can be remapped (including two back paddle buttons) and analogue triggers and sticks that can be adjusted for sensitivity via 8bitdo’s software. The Pro 2 is built well and comfortable to hold, with a design that’s a hybrid of SNES and PlayStation controllers. It also has a great d-pad that is very much like that of the SNES controller. It is fully Windows 10 compatible and can also be used wired.


I am definitely considering the 8bitdo pro 2 for the near future. In the meantime, it looks like the Sega Saturn officially licensed controlle by retrobit is the one I’m trying next. Thanks for your detailed response!

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Be wary of Retrobit, the build quality is a bit all over the place in consistency. I’ve used some that were fine, and others that were quite poor. Give it a once over when you get it and if anything feels off definitely exchange it.

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I’ve never used any of their products. Thanks for letting me know

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Yes, I have used a Playstation adapter to use an original controller on pc. It works good, but my ps controllers are no longer in good condition and I have issues with certain buttons.