Party-Building RPGs that are actually good

Looking for a good party-building RPG, like Wizardry 7 and 8, Realmz. Some bad things I want to avoid:

  • Overly Grindy
  • Impossible (challenge is okay)
  • All in the same dungeon (though this can be done well)
  • Badly made like most the japanese wizardry clones

Preferably including exploration, combat (preferably not real-time combat), diverse class and race system, maybe even some stuff I’ve never seen before.

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I’m not sure if it fits, but there are the games by Spiderweb Software.

They have a big bundle of their games on steam.

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Oh yes, Spiderweb’s Avadon was great. I still remember optional fight with Dragon Zephyrine constantly regenerating her health bar :rofl:

Having thought about it, you might want to look into Kenshi.

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The Avadon games are pretty good. Similar to the old Realmz games. I forgot about those. Thanks. I should finish them. Also I remember I have Pillars of Eternity.

I was really looking for something more Wizardry-like.

But that samurai punk game looks really interesting. Never heard of it. It’s on my list now.