Paralysis of too many choices

When it comes to the “science” behind the what to play next button I’m curious if there’s actually some intelligent algorithm of some sort at work here or if it’s just random. I’d like to think that when it suggested something it’s doing so based on my play history and rating history so that i have some agency to improve it over time by playing and rating more. There’s a meta-game to contributing to recommendation engines that I enjoy, sort of what I can do with Netflix’s best guess rating and my Pandora music. By rating more stuff it help’s improve it over time and also encourages me to engage more with the services content. I don’t mind some randomness but if that’s all it is then I don’t think I’ll bother with it.

I’d like to make it fancier than it is, but currently it’s just a random button that picks from whatever shelf you’re looking at.

Sorry to hear that, I was hoping that that feature would be something that could jump start attacking my backlog in a logical way. If you ever do decide to expand that feature though I think it be a great addition to the site and you’d have the market cornered. I’ve been scouring the web for a long time looking for a feature that could intelligently suggest a game to play and nothing really exists out there.