Panasonic Q

I was always fascinated by photos of this in gaming mags, so I found this video interesting:

I remember this. Nintendo and their weird hybrid and variant consoles. FAMICOM Disk-System, SNES-CD, N64 Disk Drive. I’m surprised there was no strange hybrid variant of the Wii.

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very cool! I didn’t know about this (I was very much ‘asleep’ during the gamecube era) I like the aesthetic. Turn your gamecube into an overgrown mp3 player.

Ever seen the variants of 3DO? A little bit of the design reminds me of that. Panasonic made one as well that was built up a bit higher and boxy in the same way this is a bit like a ‘taller’ game cube. A Pantangle!

My favorite mutant freaks are the nintendo dolphin stuff (particuarly those carts) and the Sony Snes-cd… They are both so weird looking I thought it was surely some internet fakery funnybusiness.

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As a noted Dreamcast nerd, I’ve always been fascinated with the handful of oddball console variations, perhaps most infamously this crazy thing:

I hadn’t till Googling for them just now, but there are some crazy ones! What a weird console.

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I miss my Dreamcast. I lent it to a friend and never got it back :frowning: sadly the same thing happened to my original model GameBoy. I have since stopped lending out consoles.

That Fuji hybrid Dreamcast-TV-computer is bonkers. I love that the CD drive is on the top. What a weird device.

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