Owned Game Release Version Not Reflected in Lists

So I was thinking I could make a list here on Goruvee of what games I own physically and digitally. However, I’ve noticed that when you select a different release/ version of a game to the “standard” one (the one that comes up in searches) that release is not reflected on the list.

For example, I own the physical copy of the Master System release of The Amazing Spider-Man vs. The Kingpin. However, after adding this to my “Owned - Physical” list, viewing the list only shows the “standard” Genesis release. Same is true for the first Sonic; I’ve added the EU Mega Drive and SMS versions to the owned list, but only the Genesis version shows on the list.

To me, this really puts a dent in the usefulness of Grouvee’s list system. I’m sure many of us here are collectors, or have bought specific versions of games for whatever reason, so it’s a huge shame that lists don’t correctly reflect which version has been added to it. I don’t know how much this would take to correct, but I think if it could be amended it would make Grouvee even more useful than it is now.

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It’s definitely an oversight in the new shelf design. The releases selected do show up in the old version, but I always hated how it looks. It’s also going to be alleviated when I get through with the IGDB stuff because most of the releases are just going to be fully separate entries in the database.

I agree it would make Grouvee way more useful. I’ve always wanted to describe Grouvee as the best way to view and filter your collection, but I think it falls short without that.


Awesome. Look forward to seeing the changes!

That would be helpful!