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Title: We need a title for this badge!

If you’ve completed the game, let us know below and an admin or moderator will make sure you get your badge!

Loooove this game. One of my absolute favourites of 2019.


Name for the badge. How about something in the vain of “Boyscout Astronaut”?

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Finished it, really want the badge. And for the name, I think a great one would be “Curiosity” (it’s what drives you in the game, and the name of the rover NASA sent to mars, which also remarks the game’s theme about space exploration) or even “Into the Wilds” (the name of the music played at the credits scene, and resents the game’s title)


Outer Wilds is my favorite game. Saying that is difficult, because my previous favorite games are from a younger point in my life and, as a result, carry a lot of nostalgia. But, if I had to choose between this and never enjoying a game as much as child me enjoyed Myst or Link’s Awakening, it’s clearly better to encounter new favorite games.

I wrote a more extensive review here: anderbubble's Review of Outer Wilds | Grouvee

Badge, please.


Probably my favourite game of all time :heart_eyes: Would love the badge please!

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This game is sooo good! It really captured me in a way few others have. Exploring feels incredibly rewarding and the universe is very cool too. I still need to pick up the DLC at some point.

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Game was a 9 out of 10. Badge me please!

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