Options reset when sorting games in shelves

When you click the titles above the columns to sort games when looking at a user’s shelves, instead of the drop-down menu under “sort options”, it resets “games per page” under “view options” back to the default 25. This seems to be the only option that resets when sorting with that method.

Not really relating to this, but just as a suggestion, I think it would be nice with an infinite scroll, or at least an option higher than 100 of games to view per page.

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Yeah, i’ve noticed this too for various filter options. It always seems to reset the amount of games to 25.

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That’s definitely an oversight on my part with the not keeping the number of games selection on the sort arrows. I’ll get that fixed.

I agree that it would be nice to have a higher number of games on the page. Infinite scroll would probably be the way I’d have to do it because the load times get longer and longer the more games I let you see on the page at once. I’ve got a note in my list to do something like this.

Thanks for the heads up!

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