Open World Games in filter-search

Would it be possible to have " open world game " in the filter when searching for a specific genre?

That’s an interesting one, simply because open world is generally considered a feature of games rather than a genre. Are there specific games that you are thinking of?

I unfortunately don’t have any data tagging games as “open-world.” Giant Bomb does have what they call concepts in their database associated with games. One of their concepts is Open World. I could look into adding concepts and themes into our database and letting people filter on them.


That makes sense. Concept seems like an apt description for open world. I think a lot of games that belong to specific genres can adhere to concepts like open world.

How would concepts work if implemented on Grouvee? A seperate filter from, or incorporated into, genre?

It’d be a separate filter on its own. They also have themes like Sci-Fi, Fantasy, etc. Those are probably worth having too.


You are right indeed, I didn’t really think of it like that but it’s indeed not a genre. I was wondering if there could be a search option for it because I have quite some games in my collection I haven’t played yet, and I have tried a number of games with “open-world-play”. In all honesty,… I really can’t stand those type of games! I figured, if I get new games in the future I want to try to avoid them. So I went to Grouvee because I thought there’s probably some filter in the search. I found out that there isn’t such option, hence why I was putting the suggestion for it in this forum. I tried all Borderlands, Rage, Red Dead Redemption, Red Faction Guerrilla, Brutal Legend, GTA5 and probably some other games too, and I just can’t get into it. The weird thing is, that if I think of old school games like Final Fantasy and Zelda and Link and what not, I’m not bothered with it that they’re open world games. I think that’s probably because of the nostalgia factor and I guess when I was playing those games centuries ago, I did like those type of games.

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