Open Source?

Do you have any intention to make Grouvee open-source? As a front-end dev, I’d like to contribute to improve the site faster : )

I’ve thought about it. The project should be easy enough to get up and running on other people’s machines because I use Docker. It would just require a lot of clean up and documentation to explain how it works. I don’t really have the time to do something like that right now unfortunately.

What kind of front end development? I’ve just started using Vue 3, and I really like it. The new shelf pages are built using Vue 3. If you’ve got any tips or ideas, feel free to send them my way. Most of the speed up that needs to happen is my database stuff. The front end needs to be redone to look and feel better, as well as be more consistent in the look and feel.


I’m pretty new around here (well, created the account ages ago but rediscovered it recently) and would LOVE to see this open sourced, I’m definitely interested in contributing!

I’m a fullstack dev - my frontend experience is mostly react, though I have messed around with vue enough to know how it goes - and also have experience running open source projects so I’d be happy to help you with getting the docs and whatnot in order for contributors. This site is really awesome and it’d be a lot of fun to get a chance to make even better.

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I primarily do React with TypeScript but I’m not opposed to learning new frameworks. I’ve developed a bit using Vue and wasn’t a huge fan of it but that could easily be a lack of experience.

I think the only documentation I’d need is how to get it running locally if you have some strange ways of doing that. The rest I’d probably be able to figure out by reading through the code, assuming your code isn’t too spaghetti :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m pretty alright at styling and like writing my own components from scratch rather than using libraries most of the time.

If you open-source it with only the bare essentials of documentation, I think that would be better than nothing :slight_smile: