Oculus quest 2 is it worth it?

I have always been more of a classic gamer, but I like the idea of VR. To those that own or have tried the Oculus Quest 2, I want to know your thoughts. Is it worth it? In my previous VR gaming experience, most games were short and never felt complete. I’m assuming it has improved significantly from the first Oculus Rift, which is the headset I tried in the past.


Oculus Quest 2 is nice, but the problem with most VR right now is still lack of compelling main software. At this point, VR is worth it if:

  1. You see yourself playing A GREAT DEAL of somethin like Beat Saber. If Beat Saber can be enough for you, then other games are just bonuses.
  2. You have a beefy computer and don’t mind tinkering to play those experiences using a streaming application or the Oculus Link cable solution.

I’m a big fan of VR, but myself and most other VR players appear to take long breaks away simply because it is less convenient than other gaming.

If $300 is nothing to sweat for you, or you don’t mind buying it for a year then reselling it, I think it’s a great experience. But don’t grab it with the thought you’ll figure out what to play when you have it, you pretty much need to have a few games already out that you know would make it worthwhile, and assume nothing else is going to come along after and change your mind.


FWIW i really enjoy a headset and simply using it as a second screen for a PC. I’ve barely played any VR but love emulating NES, SNES, gameboy and having the whole thing fill up my face. Third person games are great too. Decent computer is needed to avoid frame drops on newer games especailly, more intensive time-response games like a MOBA, Tactical FPS or fighting games. My system isn’t really cut out for VR or playing those games.

AT this point though I dont know if i’d go with Oculus because I dont like the idea of signing up for having a FB account. If you actually use FB you might think twice on this because in a few years it will be mandatory to have your oculus account linked to your FB acount, if it is not already.

if the new one is 300, and you’re curious but that price seems like a lot to you, i’d imagine you could get a good deal from a use quest 1 (what i have) and use it to play emulated stuff or general PC games (that aren’t high response FPS games, I mean I play STALKER in it, stuff like stanley’s parable or sniper elite, just fine)

I would definitely recommend getting on to play emulation. I use ALVR and might play things in STEAMVR mode and click ‘show desktop’ to play things in a virtual desktop that isnt so system intense or i might fire up VR apps like BigScreen or Virtual Space.

The issue with the quest 1 is it has some bugs. I tend to get freezes and it needs to e restarted maybe once every 4-8 hours. Never could figure out what causes it. Might just be me. Quest 2 might not have that issue or be as bad with as bugs as Quest 1. But it seems the main selling point of Quest 2 is I think the better display screen, but that pretty much doesnt matter to me until i upgrade my system because I cant play games in high res anyway, and using it to play retro stuff it doesnt matter so much.

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I never considered a VR headset to play retro games. Now that you mention it, I am going to do some research and see what I find. Thanks!