Nuclear Throne

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So, I’m going to give Nuclear Throne another shot. According to what i’ve read and wiki, it might be possible in local co-op: one person plays with Mouse and Keyboard. another plays with a gamepad. If that doesnt do it I dont know… Would be a shame if no one can beat this game (I got really close this week i thought i coudl do it but OMG i’m pulling my hair out) I’ve practiced and watchd tutorials and leanred this game like HELL but it doesnt matter its insane hard.

I beat it a while back. Badge Please!

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it took a while but i beat it not long back


Ooh…! It’s been long since I’ve played Nuclear Throne. I’ve got past 3 biomes or more but can’t say that I’ve made it past the final boss. Nevertheless, I believe I’ve played enough to get the gist of the game and checked it off my backlog.

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I’m actually replaying this right now and looped a couple times already. Badge please!

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Great shoot em up. Badge me!

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