Notes on playthroughs

I’d like to be able to have a notes section on each playthrough added to a game. It allows me to clearly state what I’ve completed or not completed for a game, and allows me to separate New Game+ more clearly in games with that. And for roleplaying games like Dark Souls it allows me to write down notes on what routes I picked and what kind of character I made.

In general, just let me write a long note about each playthrough, preferably without a limit on how much we can write, or at least a very big limit.

Allowing to put in a picture or two would also be neat. Maybe limit it to 10 or something?

I’m attaching an example from another site/app that I use for tracking anime!



This is a nice suggestion. I’ve been using Updates as a way to make longer comments, but a short text covering the whole playthrough could be cool—mentioning which ending you got, elaborating on how much you completed, experiences particular to that playthrough, etc. Might be nice to be able to link the playthrough to a particular release as one can with reviews, too.