No Man's Sky - Anyone Playing?

After the fallout of the NMS launch I decided to wait and see what would happen with the game. I started playing just after Christmas and must say i am rather enjoying it. I can see how some aspects of the game, specifically the grinding for materials, could become tiresome but I’m really enjoying the exploration aspect of it thus far, and I’m quite keen on building a cool base and fleet of ships. I’m about 20 hours in so far.

I was wondering if anyone else is playing this at the moment and what their thoughts on it are, specially if you were around at launch.


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I just purchased it the other day when it was on sale on Steam for 50% off. Looking forward to playing it when I have time. I have heard good things about the updates that they added. Seems light-years ahead of what it was like when it launched.(Get it? Space pun…)

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I think I may be one of the only people who enjoyed it at launch :stuck_out_tongue: I picked up the game without knowing anything about it except the ‘explore’ so I ended up putting 70 hours into it haha. I didn’t realise all the lies that had been said until it all blew up.

That being said, I have loved the changes I haven’t done a full play through yet, but every update I put another 10-15 hours in, definitely plan on dedicating more time to it though.


Not sure if you CAN do a “full” playthrough. I mean there is a story but after that you can just go on visiting new solar systems/ planets for all eternity.

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Yeah, I think I’d go more so just finishing off most of the Polo Nada stuff, I haven’t really done it except for getting as far as making a base because I get so lost in exploring.

It was heavily judged for lack of variety when exploring but damn it gets me, I start and I end up walking for hours with no goal just lookin’ - I think it is why the base game I still enjoyed. (Now the amusing thing is I find Zelda too big and empty so get bored lmao)

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I played it a while back with the Visions Update for first time. was ok. it kinda balloons on itself but you get into it. IT very much is a ‘the journey is its own reward (rather than the destination)’ kind of experience. They’ve added lots of stuff but a lot of that stuff is crudely bolted on and needs some QA and balance… (like swapping between freighters frigates and fighters for instance, lol)

My friend got into it a bit after me with the VR update and he enjoyed that for a while with his Vive.

When I feel this itch i’ll play Subnautica or maybe Outer Wilds (the aesthetic anyway looks quite a bit like NMS… which is really its best quality imo!)

I’ve found there is so much to do I get soooooo distracted from the main story, but that’s part of why I love it. However, it is annoying that certain things you can’t get until you’ve done certain parts of the story, such as the Atlas Pass, at least as far as I can tell. I’ve come across soooo many locked doors/ containers lol.