Nintendo SWITCH 2

I just bought a Nintendo Switch Oled, my first one since my DS, so nervous and anxious about the rumors for the Nintendo Switch 2 do you think I made a bad decision? :smiling_face_with_tear:


I haven’t heard any particular rumors lately (beyond just the vague postulating we always hear), but it’s only to be expected Nintendo will make a new system at some point. Whether that be a full-blown new console that has nothing to do with Switch, or just a more powerful version of the Switch (along the lines of “PS4 Pro”), remains to be seen. Either way, I don’t think it’s worth stressing over.


I agree with @Reset_Tears, I don’t think there’s call for concern. The Switch is a great console and there are tons of really wonderful games available for it. Even if Nintendo was planning to roll out a new Switch I’m sure we’ll hear something official long before it’s launched, and you’ll still have many years worth of games for the current Switch that you can enjoy in the meantime.


Agree. Only general speculation and likelihood of new Ninty device coming. But your concerns over the timing thereof make sense; I feel ya.

I’m now thinking Switch is here to stay. It’s doing too well to be abandoned. Nintendo may keep it going, maybe spec bump it, while eventually introducing a new gaming experience (read: device) alongside. The Switch would be the sure bet in the race, the new device more of a risky gamble. Again, just guessing.

I just want joy-cons that never drift. Seriously.

Oh, enjoy your Switch OLED!