New "NOTES / COMMENTS" tab on our games list

What’s Up Peter and the rest of the cool Grouvee team!

I was wondering if it’s possible to maybe in the future add a new tab in between or right after the “My rating, Avg rating, Platforms, Release date, Date added, Dates finished” section of our games list and here is the reason why:

I have certain games that I stopped temporarily and plan to return to and others I stopped completely, besides the ones I have completed.

And having a small reminder why would be really helpful!
Here are my examples:

Dead Cells - i stopped for now because i cant seem to defeat the giant after multiple tries and i gave up to focus on other games.
20XX - i finished the game with Nina, Ace and Draco, but not yet with the Purple guy with the whip.
Hyrule Warriors - enjoy the game a lot, but the grind is tedious and i am stuck at the termina map and using am leveling up Tetra.
Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon - the game looks cool and has awesome dialog, but I quit it because I was not enjoying it.
RE Revelations 2 - still on Raid mode trying to max out code red with Jill and Leon. etc etc etc…

This new tab if possible would greatly help me with where I left off and why did I stop these games, I’m sure other Grouvee users would agree.

Thanks for taking the time to read my suggestion.

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One option currently available is that you can post private messages tagged with a particular game. This will show up on the game’s page under your comment section, in chronological order. Only you can view them and are a great place for notes on games you’re playing.