New Nintendo 3DS XL

Does anyone think they’re going to get a New 3DS XL? I have one pre-ordered from Gamestop currently because Amazon doesn’t seem like they’re going to have them, and I am a new console junkie.

I’m not even sure what the reason for getting one yet is since the only game even announced that has to have the new hardware is Xenoblade Chronicles. I just have to have new things I guess.

Also, this:

I really, really wish companies would put more energy into naming these things. I think throwing lower case “new” + sparkles in front of the name of the last rendition is about as lazy and half-assed as you can get. That being said, we’ll see if and when the price drops. If nothing else, upgrading is a lot less annoying than repairing an old dying unit…

Agreed. I don’t know why they didn’t just use “Super” for the Wii U and for this New 3DS. It’s still kind of lazy, but at least it has precedent and it sounds cooler.

Not going to be getting one because my backlog is big enough as it is without adding newer next gen stuff to it, not really the kind of person who plays a lot of new games unless they strike me a certain way, or are easily accessible on the pc. Neither of those things have happened on the ‘new’ 3ds. Not really happy with a c-stick style nub decision either.

Waiting until more games will require the new hardware, myself. I prefer buying my consoles second-hand since I’m frugal to a fault.

I jumped on the Majora’s Mask New 3DS XL. That’s my favorite Zelda and I was going to snag a New Nintendo 3DS eventually.

Concerning the system itself, I think they addressed a lot of problems w/ the original 3DS. A second control stick, additional shoulder buttons, faster hardware, and improved 3D might actually inspire some more involved gameplay experiences. I hope they retrofit Kid Icarus Uprising so that game can actually be playable.

As a name, “New Nintendo 3DS” is the best Nintendo’s done in years. When I worked in game retail, almost every adult would ask me about the “new” whatever (e.g. do you have the “new Xbox” or the “new Nintendo”). The “DS” brand is Nintendo’s hot ticket, and “New” is a hell of a lot better than something obscure like “U.” I do agree objectively that “New Nintendo 3-Dimension/Dual Screen Xtra Large” is a clunky-ass name, but I imagine this has to be the final iteration of the DS brand.

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Did you get a pre-order in with Gamestop on the Majora’s Mask one? I thought those sold out in like 10 minutes. It kind of sucks that version doesn’t actually come with the game.

The Gamestop pre-orders sold out while I was on my commute. Fortunately, Best Buy listed some later that day. Those are also sold out, but to my understanding Nintendo will soon have some on their online store.

As far as I know, the EU gets the game preinstalled with the console. US and AU don’t. So that depends a little on where you’re located!

Just order the Major’s Mask Edition New Nintendo 3DS XL from Nintendo UK store.
And cant wait to play it, been missing playing mario & zelda games for years now with me having playstations for the last 20 years.

Hi, Michael here. I too am a new console junkie. The first step to recovery is admitting it, right?

While I had a chance to get the Majora’s Mask edition, I don’t really have an affinity for that Zelda game, so I opted to preorder a ‘New Red’ (really?) one from Gamestop. I would’ve gone someplace else to preorder, but alas, this was the quickest/easiest/safest place for me to do so.

Looking forward to the fun task of transferring all my data over from the old one to the new one!

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I’m leaning toward getting it . . . but I’m still on the fence a little bit. I think it has a lot to do with how well I like the demo for Project Steam. I’m more of a strategy fan and lately my 3DS has been collecting dust. A new system with a new good strategy game would bring me out handheld gaming hibernation.

I actually canceled my preorder fairly recently. I’m going to break the console junkie habit :smile:

The main reason I canceled is because there isn’t going to be a game that requires it for a few months after it comes out. My logic is that maybe by the time Xenoblade comes out here for it, there will be a price drop on the system.

So did anyone end up getting one of these?

Are they awesome?

I picked one up Friday, I’ve been wanting one for Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate.

  • The C Stick is nice, not as uncomfortable as some have said but that is subjective.
  • The Super-Stable 3d is actually very cool and works really well.
  • I haven’t used the Amiibo support yet as I can’t find my Super Smash Bros cart!
  • Additional shoulder buttons are fantastic! Hopefully they will be of some use.

The back plate is cheap plastic, feels very cheap. Since I’ll be sending my old 3DSXL to a friend so that we can play some additional games together, it was worth it for me.

I got mine last week. I’ve only played Majora’s Mask on it, but here are my quick impressions:

  • The XL is large. This isn’t unique to the “New” 3DS, but I’m coming from an original 3DS, so I’m simply not used to how big it feels. I’m appreciating the larger screen, but everything feels a little more spread out than what I’m used to. I’ll adjust.
  • I’m not feeling the “improved” 3D. It adjusts according to your head position, but there’s often what feels like a full-second adjustment period before the 3D shifts, creating this awful flickering effect on the screen. It’s very sensitive, so even the most minute shift in your position will trigger a calibration. Beyond that, the games still look bad in 3D–the aliasing is already worse on an XL, and then that effect basically doubles when you turn on 3D.
  • Imperceptibly faster loads – I’m not saying that if you had the two systems playing side by side you wouldn’t notice the faster loading on the New 3DS, but if you don’t have some kind of reference point, you can’t really tell one system is faster than the other. I definitely “feel” that it’s faster, but the difference is maybe a few seconds at most.
  • The C-Stick - I love this thing. It feels sturdy, and it lets me have complete control of the camera. I can not imagine playing Majora’s Mask without it. A great improvement, and I think the positioning is smart. Had they stuck that nub anywhere else I could imagine some pretty bad hand cramps.
  • Extra shoulder buttons - To be determined. It’s definitely great that they’re there, as games have shifted more control to the shoulder buttons over time, but it’s kind of difficult to hit the inner buttons w/o clicking the outer buttons. Again, that could just be my hands still adjusting to the XL.
  • The “B” button works. It was busted on my old 3DS :slight_smile:

Bottom line: If you already have a 3DS, you can wait on adopting a New 3DS.

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I bought one after years of only having the regular “small” 3DS model. Huge improvement. Definitely worth the duckets just for the screen size alone. That being said, if a person already has a regular 3DS XL, there might be cause to wait.

So, what happens when a new one comes out, but the old one is called ‘New’? I’m not sure someone thought this through…

Newer 3DS XL maybe?

Newest 3DS XL

And then the Newer Newest 3DS XL