New here, asking a few questions

I started to use this website today. I was searching for “myanimelist for games” years ago, today I searched again, tried websites and found this one as best. I’m new so I don’t know if:

Can I switch to a Night/Black mode? because white background hurts my eyes even with Low Blue light mode on my monitor.

Can I request for adding games to database? I just found there is no entry for Max Payne Gameboy Advance. I think it’s a faithful and worth mentioning game as a GBA game.

Can I have sub-shelves? For example I have Racing shelf and NFS shelf. I want NFS as a subfolder in Racing folder so it will be organized when I add other racing game franchises.

Welcome to Grouvee :slight_smile:

There is a dark mode, that I believe is now available to all Grouvee members. It’s for the main site. Go to your profile and it’s under settings.

That game release is listed among the rest on the Max Payne page. There’s a specific release page where you can add the release you want to your shelves. You’ll see GBA is listed as an entry. If you want to add other games in future you can do so here:

Not presently but it’s something that could potentially be considered for a future update.


Thanks for the answers but I still can’t find the dark mode. I assume it’s not available yet.

Welcome aboard, GameSpirit! :hugs:
Last time I checked, the dark mode is for subscribers only. Contributing to the site for only $10/year is worth it in my book.

I think the long term plan is to make it available for all, but I forgot that has not happened just yet.

Hi there, GameSpirit!
You may use Chrome extension called ‘Dark Reader’. It’s trustworthy. I use it all the time.