New Grouvee features? Inspirations from

tl;dr has some cool features. Maybe Grouvee could add similar features?

I recently discovered Their database for board games ( is rather extensive, but the video game database appears to be lacking, in size at least. Grouvee’s connection to Giant bomb’s database is considerably larger. Thanks Peter!

That said, there are quite a few interesting features on You have a “collection” with individual games having a status, I.E tags. These are Own, Previously Owned, For Trade, Want in Trade, Want to Buy, Want to Play, Preordered, Wishlist. The Wishlist status has a deeper categorization (must have, Love to have, Like to have, thinking about it, Don’t buy this) Also, there is a “Record a play” feature (similar to Grouvee’s “My Playthrough Information”). Furthermore, there is Quantity, Acquisition Date, Acquired From, etc.

Here are some of my specific suggestions about adding new “features”. Grouvee already has some great default shelves. I don’t know if default shelves like Preordered or Previously Owned would be appreciated. This might just clutter things up for most users. I simply make a bunch of custom shelves for all my specific stuff.

The focus on used games and the selling of them is a carry over from boardgamegeek. I don’t know if Grouvee was ever intended to be a private sale/barter/trade site for video games. I think there are other sites for this. But maybe some of y’all would like to see this added to Grouvee?

The “Record a play” feature has a couple cool things. Again, this is similar to Grouvee’s “My Playthrough Information”. Although, “Record a play” has the ability to add players to play sessions, track who won, etc. I have Lan parties sometimes and I could see maybe using this feature. Some multiplayer games sort of track this already within your match history.

Do any of you think Grouvee could use some additional features like these? If so, what? I think video game geek might have some good ideas. I am not sure what would be appreciated by the Grouvee community. So, if ya want, check out for inspiration and and let us/peter know what ya think.

Grouvee is my go to for listing my video games. Thanks again to Peter for all his hard work.

God Bless! Have fun playing!