New games in the database

Admins have been clear. If you want to add a new game, you must access to and fill in the data correctly.
But how about we help them to identify these new games?
I mean helping the submissions get noticed (submits that are still waiting approval)
That is the purpose of this post.

Some rules:

  • It’s not allowed request page edits (has their own topic).
  • Do not post duplicate entries (has their own topic).
  • Try to use a correct image size for the game cover.
  • Don’t make mistakes in categories, release date, names or platforms.


I start:

I am not quite sure what you mean by “helping them identify these new games”…
You mean, like, helping the submissions get noticed or filling in missing info?

I mean, sure, there are a couple of games I’ve submitted that are still waiting approval.
I’ve also noticed that both developer and publisher fields aren’t functioning when trying to search them up, even if the intended dev/publisher already exists in other game infos.

Edit: It seems that they are functioning correctly, this time.

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Exactly what you said: “helping the submissions get noticed (submits that are still waiting approval)”. There is info we can’t complete without permissions (such as developer and publisher fields. Only admins can)

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It’s really less a problem that we don’t notice them it just that there’s only a couple of us clearing them out and we unfortunately don’t always have time to get to them with competing demands (life demands included). That’s not an excuse to justify the fact that we are slow, just an admission that we are slow at it and are sorry. I’d love to sit and clear them all out because no one wants them sitting there, so we do empathize with your concerns.

You should be able to add developer and publisher data if those are already in the database. Are many finding that this data isn’t populating even if you know the publisher is in the database?


Indeed, I figured that there’s only so much work that you guys could do in a healthy way (regardless of your admittings). How much of the game approval do you have waiting in your backlog normally these days?

I may sound ignorant here, but I don’t find the button for editing those dev/pub data among other things in the existing game pages in Grouvee…?

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You might be right, maybe you can’t see it. I forget what you can see versus what an admin sees. @peter will know for certain. I thought you just couldn’t add new studios/publishers but could pick from existing but I might be wrong.

As for backlog, there’s a lot. Sometimes I try to tackle everything new that comes in or tray to clear a dozen or more when I can. Some are easy to clear, those with the most complete details.


Hey BMO, I too have noticed that on the Add a Game screen sometimes Developer/Publisher do not show up (when I know they are in the database). Often, I simply have to refresh the screen and then it works fine, but of course it is a bit of an inconvenience. Not sure if it’s something that can be looked into, but I can definitely attest that, for instance, a Developer I know I can filter search results for sometimes wont show up on the Add a Game list no matter how I spell it. Often, no Developer or Publisher will show up when this is happening.

I know I’m bad at wording things so to put it shortly: I have had issues on the Add a Game page where the selection of Developers and Publishers from the database do not show up until I refresh the page and then it usually works fine. From now on, I will keep track of when and how this happens to give better info <3 I figured it was just my crappy computer or cookies or some thing I don’t understand on my end ha.


I tried editing the above post but it has been too long: I tested it a few more times, and again it seems spotty. I think it correlates with when I click away from the tab and come back? Maybe I have too many tabs open lol. It seems that there’s something buggy and weird about the Developers and Publishers functions when adding a new game to the database.

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I’m tagging @peter so he can look into it when he has a chance.

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I know the bug you’re talking about. I don’t really know why it happens still. It does seem like if you leave the edit page up too long, the search on those boxes no longer works. It’s a tool called select2 that’s quite widely used too. I’m redoing the games page right now, and the edit page is next. I’ll take a look at it then.

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