Neverwinter Nights

This is the discussion/completion topic for Neverwinter Nights (Original or Enhanced Edition). Please keep any spoilers blurred!


If you’ve completed the game, let us know below and a staff member will make sure you get your badge!

This badge has no title! Please help us out by giving suggestions! The title can’t be something generic like "Hero’ as it could apply to many games. Make sure it relates to the game somehow, but doesn’t spoil it!

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Completed with both expansion packs!
I have Collector Edition of 1+2 with Eye key-ring - I spent all my life savings :rofl:

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It only applies to the expansions, but I am definitely rooting for “Doom Song” as the title. :stuck_out_tongue:
Badge please!

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I loved too Kobold with lute! So much more interesting than NWN2 bard.

SoU and HotU were really good.

Badge please. :slight_smile:

Title idea: Neverwinter Knight

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I like Neverwinter Knight!

(also, I never got my badge. When you have time, please. :slight_smile: )

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Sorry about that! There’s only a few people on here who can like a post to give out a badge. Im sure we all saw your last post was liked and didn’t double check who did it.

No worries! Thank you.:smiley:

Hey, I played the main game and hotu last year. Can I have a badge?

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I had played this ages ago and I remember loving it a lot!

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i never noticed this game had a badge. Would love one! I played this a few years ago with an online crew and we had a blast playing this once a week on game nights for the next six months or so. We made our way through all the expansions and then i found a place that host mods and campaigns and gets daily updates. but one of the cool things people have done is they transcribe almost every DND module from the beginning into format for NVN1 and NVN2. Check it out. I’ve played 2-3 of these old ones. You could literally never stop playing this game and play every old module this way! :sweat_smile:


I’ve played the first game as an early teenager, didn’t come around to beating it past Act 2 for some reason.
Since I don’t have it any longer, I’m more content to pick up on Neverwinter Nights 2: Platinum in the future.