Nested Shelves, Platform Categories, mass imports/copy/move suggestions

I just started using this site, and there are a few features I would really love to see:

1 - I would love to see the ability to nest shelves. For example, I would have a
Digital Shelf with these sub-categories

  • PSN
  • Xbox Marketplace
  • Nintendo Store
  • Steam
  • GoG
  • Gamestop
    As of now, I have to have a flat list of each of these. Which is OK, I guess, but I would really like the ability to organize these things better.

2 - I notice you have platform categories for PSN (Vita), PSN (PS3), and PSN (PSP). But there is no PSN (PS4) shelf. This is the entire reason I am dealing with my first suggestion.
Is that just an oversight? Or will that shelf not be added at any point? I ask because I would like to sort my digital games by marketplace, but I have no option for my PSN (PS4) games right now. Now that I look at it, I am seeing that the other consoles are also missing sub-categories (eg Wii Shop but no Wii U shop), and only "XBox Marketplace, but not sub divided by One and 360 version).

Honestly, I like the idea of having just one marketplace anyway, regardless of console. So you should consolidate the 3 different PSN platforms into a single “PSN” platform, and change the"Wii Shop" to “Nintendo Shop”. Either that, or subdivide out all the other ones, like you started to do for PSN.
The kind of people using a site like this are mostly the type that take joy out of consistent organization, so I am sure I am not the only one a bit annoyed by this current state of platforms. Choose one way or the other, but please just make it consistent.

I realize you have to think about users who have already used these categories, but you could either:
a - Merge the PSN categories into a single category, which would effectively group users games into that one category if they have already been using the current 3 separate ones
b - Leave the ones you have split up already, but just add a new one for PSN and Nintendo Shop, so we have the new catch all platforms categories without affecting existing users

3 - The site really needs a way to import mass lists of games, either through marketplace integrations (besides Steam), or by importing text or XML docs, or both.

4 - We need a way to select multiple games at once from a list, and add it to a shelf. Both mass move and mass copy options would be necessary. For example, say I have hundreds of games in a “Physical Edition” Shelf. But now I want to create two new shelves, “Standard Editions” and “Collector Editions”. It would be so nice if I could just select everything from the “Physical Edition” shelf using a select all checkbox, and mass copy it into my new “Standard Editions” shelf. And then, I could individually tick checkboxes for all the collector edition games from the newly populated “Standard Editions” shelf, and do a mass move to the “Collector Editions” shelf.

There are tons of scenarios where this would be useful. As it is now, I have to go in one by one and add things to a new shelf. Unless you have the great foresight to create every shelf you will ever need right from the beginning, this is going to be an issue at some point for many people.

5 - Currently, we have the ability to add a game to our shelves, and select multiple check boxes for the platforms for which we own it. For example, I can add Elder Scrolls 3, and select PC, XBox 360, etc. In my opinion, I would prefer to be able to add the same game multiple times for each platform. So you would be able to add the PC version of ES 3, and the 360 version as separate entries on your shelf.

That is just my opinion. I am sure others disagree, and I am also sure that is probably something that would be technically complex to implement at this point. But I might as well mention it while I am listing out what I would like to see.
Hmm, maybe I should try and make my won backlog/game collection site tailored to my exact tastes, I have been wanting to find a side project that interests me

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Merging these platforms is definitely the plan. This data comes from Giant Bomb, and they decided for this generation to only have one platform instead of a digital and a physical platform. I will be merging all of the PSN/XBLA/Wii Shop platforms into their main platform counterparts. I just have to make sure we don’t lose any data while I do it!

I’ve got a metadata dialog that I’m building (granted it’s been in the works for a long time now, but I’m really building it) that I think would take care of this issue. You’ll be able to specify a lot more information that you could also filter on, and I don’t think you’d need the sub shelves.

I’d love to be able to do this, I just don’t know how really. People store things in different formats, and it’d be tough to program for that. As for the marketplace stuff, no one else has an API currently that makes it easy to get at game data in an official way.

Agreed.[quote=“mkohanek, post:1, topic:796”]
I would prefer to be able to add the same game multiple times for each platform.

What scenario would you want to be able to add a PC version of a game and an Xbox 360 version of a game to your shelf? Would it be a situation where you’re just trying to specify ownership of different platforms of a game?

Love the feedback!

Basically, if I own for example a collectors edition of the 360 version, and a digital version of the PC version, I would like to be able to notate that separation in some way. Perhaps the metadata dialog you mentioned will also take care of this?
One other scenario that comes to mind is if I own two exact copies of the same game. It would be nice to add the same one twice, just to represent that.

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