My steam URL Import copied alot of games i dont own with it

Hi I followed the help tutorial in how to get your steam library over to Grouvee, by adding a name on the steam url at both my profile on steam and here.

However i own 272 games on Steam but the grouvee “my games” list has added 406 games. I went through the entire list to see if it was correct but there is alot of games added i wouldnt even think about buyinng.

Would you mind either posting your Steam URL, or PMing it to me? You must have deleted it out of your profile, and I can’t see what’s going on.

Hi again, unfortunately it doesnt seem like it has been fixed for me. It still shows 406 games. I did get 2 emails with a huge amount of game names at the 11th may and 07.43 this morning that looked identical but its still saying the 406 games in the “my games” tab on the site.

Ive tried logging out aswell and logged on on Firefox instead of Chrome aswell but same results.

I havent touched the steam URL on my steam or the one on Grouvee since you wrote either.

Right, that’s your All Games tab. Your Steam shelf is showing 255 games, which seems more in line with what’s in your Steam collection. Unfortunately the original import probably put games on your Backlog and Played shelf that you don’t actually own. I could clear those shelves off for you if you want, but I don’t know if you’ve added other games to those shelves that you’d have to go find again.

Let me know and I’ll get you taken care of.

I didn’t add any other games beforehand since i wanted to save time thanks to the import function. I only tested out a Wii U game to see how it splits & categorizes individual platforms/consoles on the site though but otherwise it was just my Steam library. Im not sure why it says 272 games on my steam profile and 255 here though.

Can you remove the ones that i dont own? Thats over 150 games i have to remove individually otherwise i think i dont own or a way to reset the steam import so i can try it again? I wanted to save time by using the import function first and add other systems/games individually after that but this would be a pain to do now.

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