Must play games?

So I’m looking to make a list of games to get played in 2015. That doesn’t mean they have to come out in 2015, they could have come out anytime.

So tell me what games you think I really need to play! Obviously I prefer these to be games I own, so you can either find those on my Grouvee page or on Steam. Just because I have hours played doesn’t mean I’ve actually played the game (I do idle games for cards).

Also, I only have a PC, and no intention of getting a PS4/Xbone/etc. :wink:

Jeez, you have a lot of Steam games. :smile:
I didn’t go through them all, but I saw a couple in your list which you should definitely play:

Defense Grid - Tower defense game, but suuuuper addicting. It’s just so fun to try to perfect your tower placement and try to get gold on all levels and challenges.

Gone Home - Great experience! Probably takes you only an evening anyway (maybe you already finished it given that you’ve put 2 hrs into it)

Portal 2 - Srsly?! Only 1.4 hours? This is one of the greatest games of all times! Go play this one first! :smiley:

Bastion might be one of my favorite games ever. If that 1.3 hours on your Steam page is correct, I’d say you need to put some more time into it :smile:

I finished Gone Home, loved it. :smile:

I started but didn’t finish Defense Grid. I was playing, paused the game because I had to go do something, and when I came back, my cat had unpaused the game, won the level, and gotten 3 achievements doing it. :pensive:

Portal 2 and Bastion are definitely going on the list. :sparkling_heart: