More columns for CSV export?

I’m wondering if it would be possible to add a few more columns to the CSV export (roughly in order of personal priority):

  1. GiantBomb game ID or URL: to allow linking Grouvee data with other GiantBomb data (since names aren’t always unique)

  2. URL to page on Grouvee : can be derived from ID + name today so not critical but convenient :slight_smile:

  3. Sort order for shelves (see how Goodreads does this or a JSON structure would be fine too)

  4. Selected platforms

  5. Status dates

  6. Date added

  7. Average community rating

  8. Average completion time

  9. Popular tags

Why would I like all of this information? I’m an engineer for Microsoft Power BI and I like playing with data that I care about. So I’ve been working on some cool graphs, charts, and natural language data search over my Grouvee data along with general GiantBomb data. I’d love to be able to build some dashboards & charts using the data mentioned above. If anyone is interested, I’m happy to share what I’m working on (Power BI has a free desktop application and web service offering that allows you to use any of the stuff I’m building if anyone is curious).


Sounds pretty cool.

I could probably get most of these added pretty easily. A couple of them I’d have to do a little leg work on.

I’d love to see whatever it is you’re building with the data. I’ve wanted to do some visualizations for a while, and it’d be cool to see what kind of ideas you’re working on.

I’ll try and see what I can do this weekend.

Looking forward to it! I put together a sample of a few visuals from my current CSV export, try it out here:

Also for sake of completeness I realized there are a few more columns that could be cool too (but no rush):

  • User stats (how many users with game in collection / wishlist / currently playing / backlog)
  • Number of ratings
  • Number of playthroughs (all users)
  • Genre & franchise : I can get these from GiantBomb data but including these in the Grouvee CSV export increases the number of things that can be built directly from it without pulling in extra data
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I’m still working on this FYI. It runs really slow the more columns I add, so I have to shove it on to a job queue and email you a file instead of just getting the file right away. There’s a little more reworking of the code than I thought, and I’ve been pretty busy this week with real life :slight_smile:

Also, the data view you’ve made is awesome. I’ve long wanted to build a stats page for users, and that’s right in line with the type of thing I’ve wanted to build.

Yeah I was worried the extra data might do that, take your time. I’ve actually been intending to post this request for a couple months so I get the real life thing :slight_smile:

I’ve uploaded my Power BI Desktop files below in case you (or anyone) wants to try them out (Power BI Desktop can be downloaded free at This might be helpful to play around with the data and see what stats could be useful. Let me know if you’d like to chat about using this for an actual site feature though, that could be fun to work on. Regardless of how you implement the stats I’m imagining you’ll need to dump a “stats database” on a schedule with data for all users to make it scalable (rather than per-user CSV exports).

Here are my files for the data visualization – after installing Power BI Desktop, open the .pbit file and it will prompt you for the path to your CSV export.
Power BI Desktop files

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I have to agree with that statement. I think a lot of the minutia of what you are doing goes over my head, @aqwelorr, but the end product is excellent, and enviable.

Thanks guys :slight_smile: I’ll keep playing with it and maybe we can end up with something that is useful and easier to use.