Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

Can any Monster Hunter fans champion the series for me? I’ve read a lot of stellar reviews for Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate and have repeatedly heard that fans of the Souls series would enjoy it. However, I just could not get into Monster Hunter Tri (I only logged a few hours), and going off the the demo for Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, I’m not convinced much has changed. I love the individual parts of Monster Hunter (e.g. giant monsters, a sprawling world, mastery of different classes), but I find the fighting slow and clumsy, and the controls a little stiff.

Is there a learning curve or similar warming up period that is required to “get” the series? What about the series clicks for you?

I’ve never played it before, but a friend of mine insists I jump into the multiplayer with him sometime soon. If this comes to pass, I’ll be sure to throw my experience with it up on here.

I second this notion. I tried Monster Hunter on the Wii U for a few hours and didn’t really get it. Maybe it needs 10 - 20 hours before it clicks.

I played a few of the psp versions for a few hours (less than 10) never really stuck on me.
I’m a little excited for a similar game though. Phantasy Star Online Nova. I been a big fan of the series since Phantasy Star Online 1 + 2 + Universe, and feel like Zero and Online 2 for the DS weren’t really all that great. (clunky controls/camera)

Really excited for Nova though not much happening on the marketing side I’m afraid this one will fly under the radar.
A guy I know on craigslist (been trying to reach out to more gamers) was looking for fellow hunters. I think I will give the game a few hours and let you know what I think. Though the version he is playing is 3 ultimate (I dont think 4 ultimate is out in america yet?)

Edit : Oh nvm yes it is. Well, in a few days.

I was/am in pretty much the same boat @yourehungry. I’d always admired the MH games from afar, but any attempts (Tri on the Wii, 3 Ultimate on the Wii U) to really dive in never stuck with me.

So, my answer here may not really be a true ‘answer’, but rather, it’s just my experience: for whatever reason, after watching the Quick Look on Giant Bomb, and seeing positive review scores, I decided to try and just jump back in, and it’s finally managed to get its hooks into me.

And I honestly think part of the reason is because I’m coming to it now having spent 100+ hours in the Souls games, along with 80+ hours in the 3DS game Fantasy Life - which, has allowed me to have both an appreciation for and understanding of Monster Hunter now. It’s weird.

What I mean is that learning to be methodical and deliberate in combat and dealing with animation priority (Souls games), participating in the ‘community’ surrounding the games to learn them (both Souls and Fantasy Life), and getting into the myriad interlocking systems of those games (mostly Fantasy Life) has just kind of made MH click for me.

I’m about 11-12 hours in to MH4U, and I can’t say for sure whether this is going to be a huge time sink for me, but anecdotally I will say that they do seem to be doing a much better job this time around of kind of ‘drip feeding’ the systems and oddities of the series over time, rather than inundating you with everything all at once.

Your mileage may vary, I guess. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I picked it up and am playing. About 9 hours in. Hunting horn is pretty fun to use.

I dunno about this game. I’m feeling kind of underwhelmed. Every mission seems kinda, meh. They havent really been fun to do. Maybe the game is better with a friend. I found out how to softmod downgrade a 3ds and install cia files so I’m going to recruit a friend of mine into playing with me and see how it goes.

I was listening to Polygon’s Quality Control’s episode about the New Nintendo 3DS, and they were saying how they didn’t think it was even possible to play this game without the nub that’s on the New 3DS. Has anyone had this same thought playing this on either system? That seems like it’s probably an extreme statement, but I’m curious if anyone has played it on the “old” 3DS system and had problems with the control scheme.

I’ve been playing it with a normal 3ds XL. The camera is certainly a bit wonky but the game plays like normal from what I could tell. Standard wonky-ness of camera akin to Dark Souls.

I guess it would be nice to have a c-stick for camera control but I wouldn’t buy an entirely new system for that function. What are the extra shoulder buttons for in MH4U?

As someone who has been playing monster hunter since the ps2 version and currently holding 60 hours in MH4U if you don’t like the game within the few hours in its not gonna get any better from there it’s the same game play with a rinse repeat kinda thing grind for armor and weapons fight harder and harder monsters for your rewards.

i do love the souls series but i don’t think just because you like souls means you’ll like monster hunter in the end they are two different games you either like the game or you don’t you’ll figure it out just from playing the demo.

The extra buttons on the new 3ds is just for running and turning the camera the c stick really isn’t that helpful or a game changer as a bow user i find it easier just fast turning the camera by tapping the L trigger