Missing releases

A release of Shadow of the Colossus that was approved on Giant Bomb 4 or 5 days ago (specifically this one) has yet to come through to Grouvee. Is this a little import error or do the changes sometimes just take a little longer to come through to Grouvee?

So here’s what’s happening. Every 8 hours, Grouvee runs the GB import script. Basically what it does is says give me every game that has had an edit in the last 3 days. For some reason, if you edit/add a release, or DLC, it doesn’t trigger a new edit date on the main game. You can see that on the main page (Shadow of the Colossus (Game) - Giant Bomb) where it says “no recent edits to this wiki page.” I’ll go in tonight and manually trigger an update of that game. I’d do it right this second, but I don’t have access to my machine that lets me log into my server at work.

What I need to do, is in addition to asking for all games that have changed, ask for all releases and DLCs that have changed. I believe GB’s API allows for that. I’ll get it added to my list. Thanks for pointing it out!


OK, it’s in the database now. Shadow of the Colossus (video game) releases | Grouvee

Thanks again for pointing this out. I’ve got the import fix on my list now.

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Great! You’re welcome. Thanks for quick response, explanation, and fix. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve noticed that if a game already has some release entries in the Grouvee database, new ones will come through after fresh edits to the game’s main page on Giantbomb, but this doesn’t happen if there’re no releases yet on Grouvee—this has been the case for Lost Echo and A Short Hike. Just thought I’d mention this if it makes a difference to the future import fix.