Mega Man/RockMan Thread (collections and recommended games)

Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 came out. I am sure this is really exciting for fans of the first. As soon as I saw this i thought ‘oh boy!’

I busy myself with looking for anthologies and collections that are good, I am always looking for definiitive editions of classic game(s) it often is tough. Mega Man is definitely one of those that I could use help with.

I was planning on the japanese rockman complete works this month actually (not a physical copy sadly, as there are some real nice options out there for the collector!) but i did some more digging and research due to this release coming out and now i’m second guessing myself… I’m actually thinking about getting Legacy 1 now instead XD! Here’s what I learned First, I thought the rockman complete works was in english for some reason, it’s not, and a lot of the menus and even extras are in japanese… I also learned that some claim Anniversary is essentially same as rockman complete. this takeway is from a little reading and comparison on my part as well as various posts that state this (though there are minor differences maybe). So, I might as well play anniversary if i’m set on rockman complete right?
(notice that this game comp is virtually nonexistent on grouvee’s player base!)

so back to anniversary collection, with all these cool features. they indeed sound nice for anyone who has played mega man, switchable weapon schemes? an optional alternate soundtrack/extra remix music??? some people criticize the game and say its laggy with input and other things, some of these things really do sound quite mickey mouse people however also gripe about legacy and other iterations. it seems people really do love one and hate the other. What gives? is this a better release or one worth getting? my main question is how bad is this input lag (thats realy my main concern)

and finally back to full circle with legacy. this is the one that (according to grouvee) it seems is the most popular. it is however far newer and has a PC release (cough steam) AND it just got a second release with the missing games…,(one of the advantages of anniversary was +2 games plus the weird obscure arcade games) which prompts my post and i figure is a good time to start discussion and everyone considering checking out some of these games. it dont really matter where you start. I’ll probably wind up with each of these as it’s a great series with really good replay value where even a little bit variation in the game could be worth playing if you like it. MM seems like a good one for anthologies like this for that reason. :slight_smile:

So what’s everyone think? Got a good suggestion for ‘best’ anthology? Or how about even titles? There are a TON of these games and lots of spin offs. i’ll throw up a poll just cause. Also what’s everyone’s fav theme song? mine is snake man. love the colors in that level and love the track.

  • Mega Man
  • Mega Man 2
  • Mega Man 3
  • Mega Man 4
  • Mega Man 5
  • Mega Man 6
  • Mega Man 7
  • Mega Man 8
  • Mega Man 9
  • Mega Man 10
  • Mega Man X
  • Wily Wars
  • Mega Man X1
  • Mega Man X2
  • Mega Man X3
  • Mega Man X4
  • Mega Man X5
  • Mega Man X6
  • Mega Man X7
  • Mega Man X8

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  • Power Battle
  • Power Battle 2
  • Powered Up
  • Tron Bonne
  • Legends
  • Legends 2
  • Battle Network
  • Network Transmission
  • Battle Network 2
  • Battle Network 3
  • Battle Network 4
  • Battle Network 5
  • Battle Network 6
  • Zero
  • Zero 2
  • Zero 3
  • Zero 4
  • ZX
  • ZX Advent

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  • Star Force
  • Soccer
  • Street Fighter
  • Battle & Chase
  • Mega man & Bass

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Slightly off topic perhaps, but I wish they had done Megaman ZX 3. They left the story unfinished and the 3DS would have thrown up a good naming chance.
Megaman ZX3 Delta (3D, gettit?)
Alas, it’s probably too late now