[MBLC Nominations] February 2015

Here’s the nomination thread for February 2015. We’ll take nominations through Sunday the 25th, then we’ll take next week to vote.

Below this are the copy and pasted rules from last month:

Here’s how it works:

This will be like a book club except instead of one book everyone reads, we’re going to pick 3 games that you can choose from to play for the month. We will have one thread for each of the games for everyone to use to have a discussion about the game throughout the month. The point of having three games is this club is kind of small right now, and not everyone is necessarily going to want to play the same game. If we grow enough, we’ll make it just one game in the future. You do not have to play all 3 games. You can if you want to obviously, but the point of 3 games is to give everyone some choice in the matter.

Everyone use this thread to nominate up to 3 games. After one week (ending on 12/24), I’ll edit this post and make it a poll from the list. We’ll then have another week to get our votes in to pare it down to the final three. It’s not mandatory, but I would prefer games that are more than a year old at this point. There’s a couple reasons for that. One, more people are likely to have the game. Two, if they don’t have the game, it’s probably cheap to pick it up.

I want people to use this club to try and clear out their backlog, and talk about cool games. It’s that simple. Nominate something you’ve been meaning to play for a long time! Obviously it’s only a month’s timeframe, so games like Persona 3 are going to be rather hard to get finished in that short of a time period.

TL;DR - Use this thread to nominate up to 3 games (preferably over a year old) you want to be considered in our poll for the February 2015 Monthly Backlog Club.

3, 2, 1, go!

Come on people go over these classics with me I know you havent played them all!


I’m editing this to take out Grim Fandango. It sort of goes against the spirit of the thing because the version most people would be able to play is the new one. Also, you guys reminded me about Chrono Cross.


You’ve got three more days to get those nominations in! Repeat nominations are acceptable.


If you just paste the raw link into it’s own line, the forum will go out and make the cool little box.

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Regardless of what is nominated, you should go ahead and play Chrono Trigger. You’ll always find people down to talk about Chrono Trigger.

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I’ve actually been weirdly compelled to replay Chrono Cross lately. I remember the music being phenomenal, but odd fragments of memory warn me that pretty much everything else about it was kind of butts…

Chrono Cross is a phenomenal game! The caveat is that it takes maybe 15-20 hours before you start to recognize how it ties in with Chrono Trigger, and even then it’s a slow burn before any major revelations. But those revelations… wow. Just thinking about it gives me chills.

Despite it maybe being butts, you guys are making me want to nominate Chrono Cross since I just finished Trigger a month ago or so.

I had Chrono Cross growing up but never really liked the game too much. I don’t remember why. I always felt like it was kinda long winded and there was something up with the battle system that infuriated me (something like FF8’s draw system). But hey, if it’s the game for this month I’ll give it a once over.

Tales of Destiny 2 (Tales of Eternia) is where its at. That game is all fun. Not a whole lot of games on PS1 that are awesome the whole way through. Star Ocean 2 started kinda slow, and even FFVII had that god awful dolphin and parade minigame, climbing stairs for 10 minutes, etc. Megaman Legends 1 and 2 coming in as a close second/third.

Secret of Mana 2 (Seiken Densetsu 3) will definitely be getting my vote. Have always been meaning to beat the darn thing. Maybe we can set up some multiplayer! I remember using Zsnes to multiplay Secret of Mana 1 with an old bro of mine. Good old times. That weapon/attack system is fun.

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Noooo, wait for me! I haven’t made my nominations yet.

It’s been a busy week. We’ll have most of Sunday to get in our nominations, right? I’ll try to get them in before Podcast time.

I bet even if you snuck a nomination in on Monday or Tuesday, the guy who makes the voting thread would slide them right in :smile:

:grin: I feel so special. The guy who makes the voting thread is just so nice to me.

But I have my nominations! And they’re on time!

I finally got a new gaming PC. Time to revisit my Steam backlog!