[MBLC Chat] Terranigma

The more I read about this game makes me want to play it.

Does anyone know if it’s necessary to have played Illusion of Gaia to enjoy this? I’ve played Soul Blazer a couple of times in my life, and it’s one of my favorites from childhood.

I have played an hour or two and gotten past the 5th tower. Doesn’t seem to be any relation at all between this game and Illusion of Gaia, except in a spiritual sense. I guess it could tie in a little bit later.

Not a whole lot of info to go on anyways. We are just kinda plopped into the middle of the situation without any real explanation. All the Elder can really tell you is that you will understand soon enough.

Wanna get my hands on some new weapons already.

Someone had given me a pretty cool vague synopsis of the game and the ending on 4chan. It was compelling.

So did anyone play this or the other MBLC games? I am maybe 10 hours into this and just revived bird life. I played like an hour of Mario + Luigi Dream Team.

I unfortunately didn’t get to any of the games this month.

I think we might have to figure out another format for the MBLC. I’m not too sure how to make it better though. Thoughts?

I’m at the very least going to play a little Soul Blazer as a substitute for Terranigma. I have the Soul Blazer cartridge in my house, and have wanted to replay it again for a while.

I put Mario + Luigi in my 3DS, but never turned it on. Was just too damn busy this month :frowning:

What do you guys think about kind of a free for all this month? I can make a March thread, you state which game you’re going to play, and then you give updates as you go. It’d be more of an accountability thread for tackling a backlog. Anyone up for that?

That’s the power of the backlog. I definitely started the month w/ the intention of finishing Grim Fandango, then got sidetracked by LISA and Darkest Dungeon (which are both excellent, everyone play those).

I like the idea of a free for all. It would allow for a bit more diversity in the backlog club, and if someone’s interested in another user’s pick (either because they too are interested in playing it or because they have already played that title and have strong opinions), it could generate more inspired conversation than that of two+ people trying to put words to an experience they just had.

The SNES Quintet games all have very similar themes and some of the same names for places & people (not to mention sound effects, etc.) but don’t directly reference each other. You can play whichever ones you want in any order.