[MBLC Chat] Brothers : A Tale of Two Sons

I sat down and played an hour-ish. The atmosphere of this game isn’t like any other game. I am liking it so far and the controls are so different it is refreshing! The game kinda reminds me of Lost Vikings, in that you control different units that have different abilities and you’re basically just trying to solve each puzzle to get across to the next checkpoint.

Choosing an incoherent language brings more emphasis on the context and body language of the ‘dialogue’. I like it. I’ve always been a fan of that type of chattering noise, from games like Animal Crossing and Holy Invasion of Privacy Badman, it’s usually been done pretty cute.

It was kinda soon to introduce the mother as being dead right at the beginning. I didn’t really know the characters that well yet so it is kinda hard to be emotionally invested. If they really wanted to make the players feel anything, we should have found out about where their mother is in the middle of the game in a flashback or something.

Looks like the game is going to be pretty short. Only about 3 hours. Lets go!

I swear I’m getting to this game this weekend!

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Good god this one hit me hard.

I spent the first ten minutes feeling that the game was too game-y, that the mechanics were blatant enough to ruin any attempt at atmosphere. That faded by about twenty minutes in, by which point the lil’ Simlish-speaking brothers were growing near and dear to me, and I felt invested in seeing them through on their adventure. An hour in and the world was charming, kind of like the immersive Scandinavian fantasy realm Skyrim wishes it could be. An hour and a half, and the charm was struck through with bits and pieces of horror and concern. By the time I finished I was pretty much a screaming, teary-eyed emotional wreck. Bear in mind that the game’s content struck very close to home for me, and I imagine that’s magnifying the impact tremendously, but even so I adore everything that’s been put together here. Do yourself a favor and set aside a good 3-4 hour block so you can enjoy Brothers all in one go.

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