[MBLC] August 2015

It’s August!

The way this monthly backlog club thing works is you post a game or two, or three, or four… from your backlog that you want to play or attempt to finish during the month. Then post as you finish or make progress throughout the month. It’s pretty simple!

The idea is to make a dent in those giant backlogs that we all have. We wouldn’t have this site it wasn’t for backlogs :smile:

I sort of put FFX on the backburner in the middle of July because I was getting burnt out just grinding away at boring trophies. That being said, I’m getting a little bit of an itch to get back at that monster hunting.

I also plan on getting after some more side quests in Majora’s 3D.

I picked up the new King’s Quest and want to finish off the first chapter there as well.

There’s also the backlog of building Grouvee. That’s a pretty awesome game too!

This month I finished off Super Mario 3D Land.

I know I have said it the last couple months, but this time I will actually play and beat Danganronpa.

I think I will also beat Tomb Raider on the PS4.

We should do a Grouvee game club cast on Danganropa. I’ve been wanting to play that for a long time.

I would totally be up for that. Let’s do it.

Where’s all my people with backlogs at? I know you guys have games to play because I can see your shelves!

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I don’t know what to pick. We talked about this in last week’s Grouvcast. I’m drowning in games.

Isn’t that what the “pick a game for me to play” feature is for?

Usually I just ‘spin’ it 30 times going ‘nah… nah… nah… eh… nah… one more spin… one more… nah…’ :laughing:


I haven’t actually used the feature yet myself, but I imagine I would be much the same way. I think that if we choose to press the button, then we must force ourselves to go with what it picks. That might mean making a shelf that does not include certain games that we absolutely do not want to play.

I’ve been remodeling the house a lot so not much time for games! XD

I did play through and finish and form an opinion on Danganronpa.

I was listening to these other podcasters, and some of them do this challenge of 52 games a year to finish. A few of them were on track with 28 games finished so far this year. Ahh, to have time to spend like that.

I’d like to do maybe half that, so 26 games a year maybe? haha.
Too bad though I have trouble even finishing 1 a month.

This month I will probably try and finish Ghost Trick.

But I am also playing a bunch of other stuff.

I like the way his dead body has the butt sticking up in the air on the cover. That is an awkward way to die!

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Oops, didn’t even know about this whole polling business! Gosh, I almost fell on the floor and has a nostalgia seizure when I saw The Longest Journey in the other thread! One of the most beautiful games I have ever played, playing that game for me was almost like a religious experience… So did you guys do a Podcast about The Longest Journey?

Sorry this post is completely off-topic, I apologise, I only just realised yesterday that Grouvee had forums. :confused:

No, we did not do one on The Longest Journey. These monthly threads are a way to get some games off the backlog in a month and encourage others to get through some too. Looks like we skipped the thread for September and there is an unofficial one for October. The Game Club became a more formalized version of these threads.