Maw from The Medium

If you have played The Medium, does Maw remind you of something from a movie, a game, a novel or some fairy tale?

I actually played it over the holidays and had to joke to a friend that the fan shape on Maw’s head reminded me of a Vegas showgirl…

But in all seriousness, Maw reminded me quite a bit of SCP-096 (SCP-096 - Official SCP - Containment Breach Wiki), particularly in its intro when it’s screaming at Marianne not to look at it.

I’m hard-pressed to put my finger on why, but it also reminded me of Pyramid Head. Not sure why, since the designs have nothing in common, but perhaps it’s that they represent (and presumably, are formed from?) similar emotions of shame and fear.

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Thank you for your response. Its appearance also reminds me of the alien from Alien Isolation, but somehow I feel there is some character from a novel or a fairy tale which resembles it perfectly.

The concept artist is on Art Station ( --they might have some additional insight for you? I’d be curious to hear more about the inspiration behind it.

I’ve been thinking about picking up the Art of The Medium book, but since it’s a toss-up whether art books actually talk about the work that went into the art or just show you a bunch of random images, I’ve been a bit hesitant to pay for it.

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Thank you for the info, will check it