Mass Effect 5 Wild Speculations

Having been playing the Legendary Edition, I have Mass Effect on the brain. And I just learned there’s a direct sequel in the works. I’m excited, but curious how they are going to pull it off. The Reapers were built up as the biggest bad in the galaxy, the end all be all.
That’s a tough act for a villain to follow. I haven’t played Andromeda, but I get why it was smart to set the game in a whole different galaxy.

So, my hopes for the story, trying to one up the Reapers with some type of “super Reapers” seems silly. I’d love a more grounded story of political intrigues. I never felt like we got a real deep dive into the culture of the alien races, save for the Krogans & Quarians maybe. It would be neat to explore their relationships to other races and how they all get along. Maybe an intergalactic incident sparks some talk of war off, and we’ve got to help preserve the political balancing act. It would lend itself to more RPG talkie bits, instead of just combat.

And I don’t want to play as Shepard. I like him, but the trilogy was his story & it came to an end, even if the ending was a bit meh. I’m okay with him being alive, maybe we’re searching for him, that could be what the teaser trailer hinted at, but it’s time for someone else. Maybe Shepard is only mentioned and never seen in the story, save for a special end game Easter egg or something, I’d be cool with that.

Those are my ideas and hopes for the next Mass Effect. I’m curious what other people’s wish list looks like for it.

Getting flashbacks to “Legend of the Rangers”. After they had beaten the Shadows (who had been around for 1000s of years) in Babylon 5 it turns out there’s an even bigger, older evil. Which somehow no one knew about, not even the first sentient beings. Ugh.