Loot Crate - Rebels and Rogues Special Edition

So I was lucky enough to snag one of the 2,000 Rebels and Rogues crates before they sold out (in less then 30 seconds). I don’t know if anyone here subscribes to Loot Crate’s normal subscription boxes, or if any of you got one of the Rebels and Rogue boxes, but I thought I’d share!

Obviously, I think it goes without saying, if you ordered this special box, and haven’t received it yet, this video will be FILLED with spoilers.

I was always interested in purchasing Lootcrates. I don’t really have that much expendable income though, and it was mostly because back then I was thinking of starting up a similar company.

Appreciate the video. It seems like the chances I would get something from a franchise I am not familiar with are extremely high.